Layout Composition


Impactful stories are focused. Share one concept at a time with one primary focal point that all elements build from or point towards. Grouping all elements along a magnetic centerline creates distinctive cohesion. 


Each story is supported by a grounding, stable presence of our brand through our fundamental shapes. They can be used to harmonize multiple elements and create a united visual tapestry.


We are not afraid to take up space, voice our opinion and make an impact. Layouts should feel confident in their message and not overwhelm themselves with too many elements.



Kinetic Flow


Magnetic Centerline

Overall, our layouts are built around a magnetic centerline that draws elements towards it in balance - either by dividing a composition down the center, or by aligning primary elements to it. 

Alignment around the centerline can have creative imbalance and explore unique relationships to justification.

Entire compositions can be grounded within a color block frame. Do not frame or outline individual elements within a composition.

Page halves can have their own centers and layering - use this to link multiple ideas or add depth to a visual story.

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in the photography guidelines.

Avoid elements on a single  outer edge

Avoid getting too meta with grids

Avoid single full color backgrounds

Tunnel Vision

Main graphic elements should be designed as a single, distinctive focal point that enhances the narrative. Do not distribute elements across the composition.

Simple linework can be used to connect concepts and elements.

Do not use linework that is arbitrary or does not add visual flow to a story.

Illustrative elements can overflow their grounding footprint, but should not be spread across the composition.

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in the illustration guidelines.

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