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What is a layout?

Layouts are the foundation for how we tell stories. By layering visual elements such as typography, photos, illustrations, and icons, we can communicate clear and compelling messages that inspire our audience to read and learn more.

How to design layouts
in the EG style
Start with a centerline

Tell one visual story at a time. Pick the primary focal, and allow all other elements to support it. Nothing should be floating away from the whole, and no two elements should be competing for visual hierarchy. 

Layer Shapes

Our fundamental shapes, mainly half circles and squares, allow for a playful layering of elements. They can be used to ground, connect, stack, frame or juxtapose a story or message.

Use bold, confident titles

We are not afraid to take up space, voice our opinion and make an impact. Layouts should feel confident in their message, yet not include too many loud elements. Isolate the core idea of your message, strip back anything unnecessary, and allow the design to speak for itself.

Add personality

We often use small yet powerful visual expressions to give each layout a playful or human touch. Something unique within the design that makes you pause, smile, and build affinity for the information.

Create successful flow

Our fundamental shapes, line work and illustrations can be used to create flowing connection between information. Layouts should read like a book per the audience culture. For example, top to bottom and left to right for English.

How do I use layouts?
Basic elements

These are the primary visual elements of our brand that you will combine to create layouts. For in-depth guidance on Typography, Photography, Icons and Illustrations, please refer to their respective sections in the brand guide.

Say goodbye to crowded layouts

Break up text-heavy layouts into “bite-sized” chunks of information, even if this means spreading it over more slides in a presentation or cutting down on copy.

Embrace white space

By minimizing the amount of words you show on a layout, you can maximize the impact. Text should have plenty of breathing space for easy comprehension. 

Using geometric shapes

Part of our design language involves using simple shapes as a stylistic element, primarily squares, rectangles, circles and half circles. The People Team is the only internal brand that can use triangles.

Shapes can be collaged with a mix of color fills and stroke lines. They may overlap on photos but see guidance on "mistakes to avoid" on the Illustrations page. Vary the scale of the shapes to create dynamic energy.

Cropping photos

You may crop photos inside of squares, rectangles, circles and half circles to create visual interest. Make sure the shape is not cutting off important information in the photo.

Mistakes to Avoid
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