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There are three versions of our logo: Complete, Wordmark and Icon.

Each provides a distinct function and

personality within our identity system.

Complete Logo

There are two versions of our complete logo, which are a combination of the icon and wordmark. Both are the most comprehensive and preferred logo mark to represent our brand.


Two versions provide flexibility for different horizontal and vertical ratio needs.

Mistakes to Avoid

NEVER show the following logos in blue or black against a WHITE background including swag and merchandise for legal reasons. The only version that can be shown in blue or black is the horizontal wordmark logo.


Complete logo 1
Mug on Table Mockup.jpg
Wordmark Logo

This is the most vertically short expression of our logo family. It's best for narrow footprints or if a complete logo is visually distracting to the primary message. 

Flag Mockup.jpg
Icon Logo

The icon is a simplified version of our complete logo. It is the most versatile and playful piece of our logo mark family. 

Free Pullover Hoodie PSD Mockup.jpg
Square Poster Frame Mockup.jpg

All three versions of our logo must show up in white at 100% opacity when placed on a color-filled background of any kind.

Only the icon logo shown at a large scale can be transparent when placed on a photo with high contrast for readability.

Brand Family and
Logo Lockups

There are occasional instances where promoting the breadth and depth of our brand family via logo lockup is important (in business cards, events and sometimes email signatures). This recently refreshed lockup represents the Expedia Group platform in its simplest form: ​

The Expedia Group logo on the left represents the platform and its B2B capabilities (i.e. supply, tech and advertising solutions for partners) while the right is a sampling of our brands that communicate our scale and breadth of our offering. ​

 The appearance, scale and order of brand logos in this context cannot be changed.  

Logo changes

To ensure the most up to date brand logos are included in EG collateral, each brand must:

Endorsement Line

When communicating with industry partners or potential new hires, an Expedia Group endorsement line should be added.

Do not lock up an individual brand logo alongside the Expedia Group logo – our corporate logo must not appear dominant.

For guidance on how to create this endorsement line specific to your brand, please email for assistance.

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