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Our Brand Story

Travel has the power to change lives. Each time we venture outside our daily rhythms, we create opportunities to reconnect to friends and family, forge connections with new people and unknown destinations, and to look within to find our own true selves. Travel opens minds and drives better understanding between people from all walks of life – something the world needs today like never before. And travel fuels the health of communities that welcome travelers across generations.

But travel isn’t always easy, and that’s where we come in. We are here to build products, solutions and partnerships that make travel easier, more enjoyable and more attainable by removing friction points along the travel process.  

Twenty years ago, we rewrote industry rules by fusing tech and travel together, putting travel data into the hands of customers for the first time and giving them the power to explore, decide and design their journeys for themselves. Today, we hold the power to rewrite the rules again by using our scale to connect hundreds of millions of leisure and corporate travelers with the best possible options for their needs and in return, to connect hotels, airlines, and other travel partners with travelers from all walks of life from all around the globe.

At Expedia Group, we are driven to unlock every possibility to remove barriers and connect the dots every chance we get, because it’s our responsibility to the travelers we serve, to the communities, partners and livelihoods that depend on us and to the citizens of the world who are hungry for the connection and understanding travel can deliver.  

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Our brand is...


in celebration of our worlds' diverse cultures and the energy of new connections.

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