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Our brand is a reflection of who we are, how we work and what we believe in.


All visual elements of our brand are  interconnected by six main concepts that make our content distinctly Expedia Group.


The travel experience is filled with little unexpected moments of delight and discovery.


Our brand sparks joy, even in the smallest of expressions.


Our platform company is the sum of many parts that create a functional whole.


Our brand is build on fundamental shapes which are compatible, no matter their combination.


Travel allows us to fully focus on the experiences right in front of us.


Our brand highlights one, impactful focal point in each moment, and declutters the rest.


Travel fosters an important connection between us all.


Our brand highlights the flow between all disparate elements.


The travel industry is large, complex and filled with emotive, human experiences.


Our brand is abstract, in order to weave together complex stories in a simplified expression. 


Traveling takes guts;

venturing out into the unknown with an open mind.


Our brand celebrates curious confidence and doesn't shy away from what it thinks.

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