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You may wonder when you should use different visual elements for your compositions. How do you decide when to use an icon, an illustration, or a photo? Each serves a different purpose.

When do I use icons?

  • Alongside illustrations or photos or by themselves

  • To anchor small bits of information or to represent a simplified subject matter

  • To highlight a specific piece of content within a composition

  • To draw attention to a single idea


When do I use illustrations?

  • To capture abstract ideas

  • To add personality or fun to a message or asset

  • To illustrate multiple concepts that can not be conveyed through single icons

  • For events and campaigns (i.e. EG Spirit Week, New Campus Openings, Lunar New Year Celebration) 

  • For general EG topics (i.e. platform, transformation, tech initiatives)


Global Offices

Illustrations and icons that are location-specific may be developed to create a distinctive brand expression.


When do I use photography?

  • To convey messages that are more emotive

  • To emphasize human connection or highlight stories about people

  • For content regarding employees, benefits, People Team, etc. 

  • For brand and travel narratives 

  • To highlight specific individuals, cultures, and regions

  • To create a sense of atmosphere and immersion

Mistakes to Avoid

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