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What is an illustration?

 Illustrations combine multiple images to communicate a message, sometimes in an abstract way, that is not always possible through photography or a single icon.

How do I know what to use and when?

If you’re unsure of when to use an icon, illustration or photo,
 refer to this page for guidance.

Where do illustrations show up?

Murals & installations


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How to use our illustrations
Mistakes to Avoid

Do NOT use color fills (accent colors such as EG Aqua) in such a way that it fills a shape perfectly. Color fills can only be used in two ways.

Do NOT populate an illustration with too many color fills. It should not overwhelm the eye and only occupy about 25-30% of an entire piece.

Color fills
How to create illustrations
in the EG style

Our illustrations are vector-based drawings made of clean, uniformed lines and shapes known as strokes and color fills. You can always start with one icon and then expand. Fill in the gaps by creating different sized images that fit together like a puzzle.


Remember that all illustrations start as icons, and all icons start as basic shapes.

Many of our illustrations are built off of an invisible grid, composed of basic shapes like boxes. Use straight lines and structured curves to connect images when needed for flow and continuity.


We pair line work with solid colors so that the final illustration feels balanced. The exact amount of lines vs. fills depends entirely on the context of the design.


Our characters have features that are exaggerated and playful – smaller heads, larger limbs, and wider shoulders. We keep details like fingers abstract while taking creative liberties with hair styles and body shapes. Whenever possible, show characters in dynamic poses.

At Expedia Group, it is our ongoing mission to represent inclusion & diversity in all aspects of our company which means drawing people of different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, nationalities, abilities and disabilities, body types, facial features, fashion, sexual orientation, gender, age, talents, skills, experiences, personalities, socio-economic status, religious beliefs, and other ideologies whenever possible. 


Facial features are minimal. In most cases, textured lines are used only to show motion or convey expression. Incorporate Expedia Group's "e" logo in clever ways when applicable.

Scale & Line Weight

The thicknesses of lines, otherwise known as stroke widths, should not be too thin and illegible, but they should also not be too thick and bump into each other. An illustration should not be smaller than 2 inches wide, though it can be scaled up more significantly than icons.


While the color combinations vary in an illustration and wholly depend on the final context, below are two main options (colors on a white and dark background). See all brand colors here.

Illustration on a white background
How do I know what to use and when?

If you’re unsure of when to use an icon, illustration or photo,
 refer to this page for guidance.

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